23 December 2013

Ten Unexplained Mysteries From Arkansas

Old Mike
A link to the top ten unexplained mysteries from Arkansas.  The list includes our own Sasquatch, mysterious alien/ghost lights (Gurden), and murder--lots and lots of murder.

22 December 2013

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of 2013


14 December 2013

"The Young in Rebellion," a Life Magazine article about Japanese teen rebels in 1964

The article starts on page 86.

An excerpt:

The girl smoking and brooding in a Tokyo coffee shop represents a problem brought on by the abruptly changing society of Japan since the war.  She is part of a phenomenon long familiar in countries of the Western world: a rebellious younger generation, a bitter and poignant minority breaking from her country's past.  All through that past, a sense of connection with the old traditions and authority has kept Japanese children obedient and very close to the family.  This sense still controls most of Japan's youth who besiege offices and factories for jobs and the universities for education and gives the whole country an electric vitality and urgency.  But as members run away from the family and authority, this generation in rebellion grows.

Also check out the pictures from the piece that did not make the article.  Frankly they are better than the ones in the article itself.

Tree Surgeon Buried in a Tree

More from Atlas Obscura:

At the entrance to the Hampton Springs Cemetery in Carthage, Arkansas, there is a tree. Now, there are lots of trees, in this cemetery and in many others - almost every other, probably. But this tree is special. This tree has a gap in the base of its trunk that has been bricked up. The bricks, according to local legend, are hiding a corpse inside of the trunk.