13 April 2013


This speech comes from Brother Justin (played perfectly by Clancy Brown) on the show, Carnivale.  I strongly recommend that you check it out.  This is one piece of the incredible dialogue that the show contains:

"Good morning, brothers and sisters.  I was just making some notes a few moments ago, and you’ll never believe what I was thinking about.  I was thinking about salt.  In many ways, salt may be appear to be a curse from above:  the salt from the sweat of our backbreaking labors; the salt from tears of a child gone hungry; the salt rubbed unmercifully into the lash marks left by the whip; the oceans themselves, great bodies of water that might irrigate this withered land, but cannot, and why?  Because they are poisoned with salt.  
And yet, we know that it is not a curse; it is a blessing.  A mere pinch kills the writhing slug that ravishes our gardens and the leech that sucks our lifeblood.  And let us not forget, brothers and sisters, it is salt upon our tables, pure and white, that increases our enjoyment of God’s simple bounty."

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