20 August 2012

"Portrait of Billy Gunn", James Dean

Most of my friends know how infatuated with James Dean I am. Imagine my shock to find out today that he was a fantastic artist as well as a great and totally perfect actor. Pictured below is his final painting, "Portrait of Billy Gunn". Here's a link to a website which catalogues several actors/rock stars and their art. Check out Janis Joplin's, which is much better than I would have thought. David Bowie's art is also very good. Be sure to check out his painting, "Boy in Berlin". RIP Phyllis Diller.

Benny Andrews "Mourners" 1962

This is on display at the Ogden Art Museum in CBD New Orleans. All of Benny Andrews's pieces there are fantastic. Go see it!

14 August 2012

RIP Joe Kubert

Really sad to read that Joe Kubert has died. He was a comic book artist who drew for Hawkman and other DC Comics, but what I remember him for is my youth's obsession with X-Men trading cards, some of which he drew (including the one pictured here). His sons, Andy and Adam, drew for X-Men when I began to become interested in comics. A real loss. RIP Joe.

10 August 2012