21 March 2012

Northern Lights "Tears Are Not Enough"

I know the subject matter isn't funny, but do the words "Canadian version of 'We Are the World'" not want to make you laugh? We're talking Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and other R&R Hall of Famers like Anne Murray and Corey Hart ("Sunglasses At Night"). This video gave me a real chuckle the other day.
Also, please notice with this random appearance of John Candy that ALL famine aid songs must contain a strictly non-singing celebrity; otherwise, it can't be a success. I give thanks to you, Dan Aykroyd. I give thanks to you.


samtron77e said...

I got to 1:01 and then immediately decided I needed to listen to some Neil Young instead.

Ian Credible said...

Well then you missed John Candy, samtron77e. Your loss.