24 February 2012

John Peel's Record Box

For some time now, John Peel has been one of my biggest heroes. I loved his dedication to finding and broadcasting new music, especially since punk rock was the thing that got me through high school and gave me some of the best times of my life. When I became a DJ, John Peel was such a huge influence. And when I played punk rock late at night, I felt like I was broadcasting music to people who hadn't ever heard real punk before, much like John Peel. I think all two of them really appreciated it (thanks for listening, Mom and Dad!).
This is a documentary about the box full of 45s that he would escape with if his house ever caught fire. Pitchfork embedded it in a post discussing how his enormous record collection will soon be digitized and put online for the world to hear. I'm pretty excited about it.

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