30 May 2011

Schroeder Stained Glass

"Beethoven-loving Schroeder of Peanuts shares with Albert Schweitzer a window to glory of music in Buffalo's Westminster Presbyterian Church."
from a 1967 Life Magazine article on Charles Schultz

Sect et Sept


24 May 2011

The Hiroshima Files (New York Times)

The caption of this pic:
Flash burns on steps of Sumitomo Bank Company (Building 19), Hiroshima, Nov. 20, 1945. The discoloration on the stone steps of the bank entrance is believed to be a human shadow burned into the stone by the heat of the blast.
Czech it out.

14 May 2011

Butte LaRose, Louisiana

In order to keep the overflowing Mississippi River from flooding Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the government has decided to open the Morganza Spillway into rural Cajun country, displacing hundreds of people who live in Butte LaRose, Morgan City, and the towns surrounding the Morganza.
Something that astonishes me is the lack of reporting about the people living in the area, who are sacrificing much of their material posessions to save those of us in those cities downstream. Thankfully, we have something in this country called NPR, and they did a short report on the subject. And here's another one by the New York Times.

Two more openings in the Spillway will be opened tomorrow.

11 May 2011

Hell House

Ever heard of a Hell House? It's a haunted house set up by extreme churches to depict what Hell would be like and all the groups of people going there (gays, people who have committed suicide, adulterers, etc.). There's a documentary on the subject I would very much like to see. Has anyone seen it? I've read that some people applauded at the death of a homosexual. I'm weirded out/so interested in seeing one.