21 April 2011


Well, as you have probably already found out, Skynet has become self-aware today, as per the prophecy of one James Cameron in his futurediary, T2: Judgment Day.
All the signs have presented themselves. Opening pitches in baseball games are going to be thrown by robots. Sporcle AND Reddit are down. Arnold Schwarzenegger is conveniently visiting Washington, DC. I guess the thing to do is just sit and wait for the imminent destruction of mankind, as pictured in this futuremovingpicturediary.
Or wait for "Sarah Connor" (an alias to protect Linda Hamilton) to have her messiah baby. Either one.


samtron77e said...

This article from '09 is worth reading. I thought it was a joke when I first read it -- but no. Computer scientists themselves are actually getting a little concerned.


Ian Credible said...

I fucking knew it.