29 March 2011

The Gambit interviewing John Waters for the Tennessee Williams Festival

Here's the link.
Here's my favorite part:
"I lived on Rampart Street right across from that Schmegmann's [sic] market, and it still looks exactly the same. I would hear 24 hours, all night long, "Mrs. So-and-So, your groceries are ready on Aisle 3," and it was like a nightmare. I lived there with Mary Vivian Pearce and Danny Mills — he played Crackers in Pink Flamingos and she was a topless go-go girl, and we stole drinks from people in bars. I don't know why we didn't get mononucleosis, 'cause we would go from bar to bar lifting people's drinks when they weren't looking."

The place he mentions living in is only a few blocks from my house! Neat!


samtron77e said...

You should explain your puzzling "response" system. I assume Kate Bush is "good", although I myself feel lukewarm about her. But is "Trident" not also good? I guess I'm thinking of the spear of Poseidon rather than the sugarfree gum. Which do you mean?

samtron77e said...

I mean, even if you love Kate Bush sure you must admit she'd be little match for Poseidon.

Ian Credible said...

I just picked words I like. I like the words "Kate" and "Bush" a lot.