19 December 2011

Best Street Art 2011

Is it just me, or is street art exponentially better than any other art these days?
Check out this website which contains the best street art of 2011.

13 December 2011

Abandoned Theme Park in China

So the story goes that investors stopped building the park after some dispute with the government in the late '90s, so it is now some sort of farm with a castle in the middle.
Anyone else wanna go to China?

17 November 2011


I only know one other person who likes the commercials for Napa know how,
and I had to convince him that they were hilarious WOW,
but hey, maybe you'll like them now...?
N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-napa know how

04 November 2011

Hairy Stairs (Jessica Wohl, HOT SPRINGS, AR)

My hometown, Hot Springs, has made national art news! Jessica Wohl has made a piece called "Hairy Stairs" that is set up in Mountainaire Hotel in Hot Springs. I remember the building well, and passed it only last week, though I remember it being a nursing home. This website says that it has been boarded up since ~1995.

30 October 2011

"When I Am Dead" as performed by Jonathan Frid

Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins) performs "When I Am Dead" by Christina Rosetti from the first Dark Shadows album.

12 October 2011

03 October 2011

The Man with Two Faces

Note: This may be a little creepy, MIMI. I'd categorize it more under "early-'80s Ripley's Believe It or Not," though.
PS, sorry about the weird fascination with deformities. I SWEAR I'm not searching for them. I just keep running into them.

28 September 2011

Various Atlases of the Diseases of the Skin

This website is HIGHLY DISTURBING, if not outright frightful. That being said, it is totally intriguing. Hey, how many of these could be Smiths album covers?

26 September 2011

Euthanasia Coaster

I would like it recorded that if I am dying of a terminal illness, please let it end this way instead.

19 August 2011

02 August 2011


Y'all should read up on this. It's hilarious.
Look up a guy named Gay Mullins, who created an anti-New Coke peer group, because that part is equally hilarious.

03 July 2011

Flickr of stickers from the 1970s

Someone has compiled a bunch of stickers made around the 1970s onto a website, and the results are pretty cool.

12 June 2011

No More Jazz (AntiGravity article about '70s punk and new wave in Louisiana)

Here's the article in PDF, but you should really just pick it up somewhere.
What's weird is that I knew a lot of this stuff just from being a '77 aficionado, but, other than Toxin III, I had no clue that it came from Louisiana.
Check out the playlist that the author has made so you can listen to what you're reading about. I highly recommend the Normals. SO GOOD!

24 May 2011

The Hiroshima Files (New York Times)

The caption of this pic:
Flash burns on steps of Sumitomo Bank Company (Building 19), Hiroshima, Nov. 20, 1945. The discoloration on the stone steps of the bank entrance is believed to be a human shadow burned into the stone by the heat of the blast.
Czech it out.

14 May 2011

Butte LaRose, Louisiana

In order to keep the overflowing Mississippi River from flooding Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the government has decided to open the Morganza Spillway into rural Cajun country, displacing hundreds of people who live in Butte LaRose, Morgan City, and the towns surrounding the Morganza.
Something that astonishes me is the lack of reporting about the people living in the area, who are sacrificing much of their material posessions to save those of us in those cities downstream. Thankfully, we have something in this country called NPR, and they did a short report on the subject. And here's another one by the New York Times.

Two more openings in the Spillway will be opened tomorrow.

11 May 2011

Hell House

Ever heard of a Hell House? It's a haunted house set up by extreme churches to depict what Hell would be like and all the groups of people going there (gays, people who have committed suicide, adulterers, etc.). There's a documentary on the subject I would very much like to see. Has anyone seen it? I've read that some people applauded at the death of a homosexual. I'm weirded out/so interested in seeing one.

26 April 2011

Poly Styrene dead at 53

Well another one's gone. This one was the singer that created what I consider the greatest punk album of all time, Germfree Adolescents by the X-Ray Spex. Poly Styrene died last night from cancer at 53 years old.

23 April 2011

St. Roch Cemetery

So, I just found out by watching WYES (one of the PBS stations in New Orleans) that the St. Roch Cemetery is not only the coolest thing in the universe, but also seven (give or take a few) blocks away from me.

St. Roch was the invoked against, among other things, the plague and skin disease.

Here's part of the story:
At the height of the yellow fever epidemic of 1867, a German priest named Rev. Peter Leonard Thevis arrived in New Orleans. Faced with the severity of the yellow fever epidemic, he turned to God invoking the intercession of St. Roch, the patron of good health. He promised that if no one in his parish should die from the fever, he would erect a chapel in honor of the Saint. Amazingly, not one member of Holy Trinity died from yellow fever, either in the epidemic of 1867 or 1878.
In thanks, Rev. Thevis’s conviction was to build not only a chapel as a shrine to St. Roch, but also a mortuary chapel in a last resting place for members of his flock. The cemetery was called the Campo Santo (resting place of the dead). Rev. Thevis traveled to Europe to study the architecture and construction of many beautiful shrines and chapels before building the chapel. The chapel, completed in 1876, was considered a beautiful example of Gothic architecture.

The best part of the cemetery is that in a room inside of it, people leave possessions attributed to their illnesses (ie, prosthetics, crutches, etc.) and crucifixes, rosaries, and such.

I Shot Andy Warhol: The Game

I Shot Andy Warhol is a modified NES game played with the Duck Hunt gun. Also making appearances are the Pope, Col. Sanders, and Flava Flav. Here's an idea: Give it to me.

21 April 2011


Well, as you have probably already found out, Skynet has become self-aware today, as per the prophecy of one James Cameron in his futurediary, T2: Judgment Day.
All the signs have presented themselves. Opening pitches in baseball games are going to be thrown by robots. Sporcle AND Reddit are down. Arnold Schwarzenegger is conveniently visiting Washington, DC. I guess the thing to do is just sit and wait for the imminent destruction of mankind, as pictured in this futuremovingpicturediary.
Or wait for "Sarah Connor" (an alias to protect Linda Hamilton) to have her messiah baby. Either one.

19 April 2011

Abandoned Russian Biologist Settlement

According to the site, this is a collection of pictures of a Russian biologists' settlement built in 1935 and abandoned in 1989. Just think of all the human-giraffe hybrids they created in there.

13 April 2011

Patti Labelle's "Forever Young"

Most electrifying performance I've ever seen on tape. I still get chills, and I saw this for the first time in 2005.

29 March 2011

The Gambit interviewing John Waters for the Tennessee Williams Festival

Here's the link.
Here's my favorite part:
"I lived on Rampart Street right across from that Schmegmann's [sic] market, and it still looks exactly the same. I would hear 24 hours, all night long, "Mrs. So-and-So, your groceries are ready on Aisle 3," and it was like a nightmare. I lived there with Mary Vivian Pearce and Danny Mills — he played Crackers in Pink Flamingos and she was a topless go-go girl, and we stole drinks from people in bars. I don't know why we didn't get mononucleosis, 'cause we would go from bar to bar lifting people's drinks when they weren't looking."

The place he mentions living in is only a few blocks from my house! Neat!

11 March 2011

School of Rock

The scenario portrayed in School of Rock is not a plausible career option.
Just because [spoilers] Jack Black, masquerading as his roommate, entered into a contract with a flashy private school as a substitute all-subjects teacher, and taught them instead about rock and roll music, eventually getting caught, and, realistically, creating his own after-school rock music program after kidnapping children on a bus to perform at a local battle of the bands, DOESN'T MEAN that you are smart enough to pull this off.
I KNOW you don't actually want to kidnap children or steal the identity of Fabio to infiltrate the private school system; you ARE above that! There are a lot of problems with this plan. No, no, I KNOW it's just an idea. Just let me finish!
Fine, you know what, you can do all the talking. Is that what you want?

Go ahead. I'm waiting.

Okay. I'll take your silence as a go-ahead for my point. As I was saying, you can't play guitar. In fact, despite the fact that you are competent enough to play just about everything else doesn't mean that you can teach it. The kids in that movie are about four times better at their instruments than you, and THEY'RE ONLY TEN (note to reader: the previous line may only be funny to people who have watched School of Rock on TBS twice in a row. But they mention the fact that the lead guitarist of the School of Rock, Zach Mooneyham, is only ten like seventy times. SEVENTY). I'm rambling. Secondly, no children are as well-behaved as the children in that fucking movie. You know that. You KNOW that. You worked with children for like, what, twenty years?
You know what? Do you even really like Joan Cusack? Yeah, Addams Family Values is an adored and cherished household tradition dating back to your very youth, but have you ever liked her in anything else? Be honest. Thank you.
And you know what else? Progressive commercials ARE too frequent in the duration of movies on TBS. We at least agree on THAT point. That red lipstick BITCH isn't just completely intolerable; she's also a simple bully. Just like ZACH'S DAD. I mean the way she taunts you with those guys in giant dollar bill costumes is just like Zach's dad telling him that music should be practiced only after math homework, and that rock and roll music shouldn't be practiced at all! IT'S A PERFECT ANALOGY. Listen, Zach's dad. Listen close, and listen hard: just because you found a way to sneak Tron into your FUCKING commercial doesn't mean I'm going to buy your FUCKING insurance. How did an insurance salesman get to send his son to a $15,000-a-year private school anyway? You're a fraud, just like Jack Black. In a different, more socially acceptable way. But you're still just a fraud.
Here's another point: School of Rock is just Rock and Roll High School if it was directed by post-2000 Adam Sandler. And, by the way, JANICE, post-2000 Adam Sandler HAS NEVER BEEN FUNNY AND I DIDN'T EVEN LIKE IT WHEN I WAS 14. And don't pretend you remember that anyway because you didn't RUIN MY CHILDHOOD and meet Dad until I was 15. Stop pretending you're my mother. You're just married to Dad. I HAVE A MOM. HER NAME IS SHERRILL. NOT JANNIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCEEEE. Your shoulderpads look STUUUUUPPPIIIIIDDD and your "parenting" skills are A JOKE.
Even after this little pep talk, Ian, I know you're still weighing the options of teaching children about the Sex Pistols and whether or not their parents will be upset about this. They will. But I'll leave the decision to you. I know that kids can be a lot of fun and that you love nothing in the world more than the rock-roll music, but combining the two can have disasterous consequences. Just look at Jack Black. What's he doing these days? I haven't heard from him since that critical failure Kung Fu Panda. Have you heard from him since them? Hmm? You haven't, have you? He might be dead, Ian. Is that what you want?
Just think about that.

26 February 2011

Hotel Hell Vacation

Somebody PLEASE tell me why I have never heard of "Hotel Hell Vacation," a short film documenting the continued journey of the Griswold Family, a la National Lampoon's Vacation of 1983. In any case, here it is, in all of its hotel commercial glory:

Also, it must be noted that a new Vacation movie is in the works. WHO ELSE IS REEEALLLY EXCITED?!

23 February 2011

Vintage Tokyo Subway Posters

Thanks to Mimi for sending me this link to a bunch of pictures of vintage subway posters in Japan. The poster pictured reminds people to remember their umbrellas after they have finished making lude gestures to one another behind Jesus's back.

10 February 2011

Inside Coltrane Church

Yes, there is a church that identifies John Coltrane as its patron saint: St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. And with that music, how has it taken me so long to find it? Video to follow.

06 February 2011

13 January 2011

Life Magazine Goes Inside Today's KKK

Photographer Anthony Karen took pretty interesting/horrifying pictures of the KKK, which were published in Life Magazine in 2009. A particularly interesting/horrifying quote he had was, "You'd only know they were in the Klan if they decided to share that."
EDIT: More disturbing photos (KKK and otherwise) at Karen's website.