12 November 2010

24 Tales of Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities

(Sorry, Mimi)
This post on WebUrbanist gives a short write-up of several abandoned towns across the world. It's not very comprehensive, and doesn't give a lot of information or pictures, but hey, that's what Wikipedia is for, right? (Be sure to check out Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong, pictured above.)
Thanks to Hipstercrite for bringing WebUrbanist to my attention.
EDIT: Also check out the Sanzhi, Taiwan, UFO Houses on Flickr.


Miriam said...

i rescind my former comments. going through these photos has me totally flabbergasted and wondering if some of these are real. seriously, the one in taiwan looks like some sci fi shit.

Ian Credible said...

Excellent. Glad you came around. I love the spaceship houses! And I don't think (if I am recalling correctly) that they ever opened. So, they are these abandoned never-used UFO houses. Cmon, that's crazy.