30 September 2010

Instructional '80s rap video regarding filling drinks at Wendy's

All these words combined...too good to be true? Just you wait. Just you wait.

28 September 2010

Hell's Angels 1965 (Life Magazine)

Here's a link to a dropped 1965 Life Magazine photoessay about the Hell's Angels. Thanks, as it often is, to Boingboing.net.

16 September 2010

10 September 2010


John Woolley, Prodigy 10-year-old Artist

I was checking for New Orleans artists on one of the blogs I follow, Urban Sketchers, and this sketcher came up in my results. Not from New Orleans, I'm afraid, though this picture is titled "Eubie in Concert, New Orleans"; however, this artist is TEN YEARS OLD! I always think it's so incredible when kids can do shit better than I ever will.

Jessi Darlin Interview (Little Advances)

You may have read a post a while back about Jessi Darlin from the Nashville cowpunk group, Those Darlins, and how much I adore her. Well, here's an interview where she talks about the new T.D. album (!) and her side project called Funstix, both of which sound like a lot of fun.
It does neglect, however, to mention when the new album comes out, and I am DYING to hear it. DYING!

Mural: "Nothing Has Changed"

This mural is truly eye-catching. I liked it before I knew the background, but the story about the Drumcree conflict in 1996 in comparison to police brutality against the Irish Nationalists in 1968 is very interesting.

04 September 2010

Antiques Roadshow in Hot Springs 2003?

How the fuck did I miss this? My favorite show was filming in MY CITY when I lived there?! This is like learning that David Bowie fucked you in your sleep, just for comparison. (oh, and p.s. everyone knew but didn't tell you for seven years....sorryzlol)FUUUUUUUUU