06 April 2010

Marfa, Texas

After reading a post on Hipstercrite, I was tempted to find out about the town of Marfa, Texas, which is apparently the (second) coolest place to be in Texas.
Marfa is seemingly a former boom town in Texas, due to its location as a railroad stop. It's popularity recently boomed--well, it has 2,000 people now--when the modern artist, Donald Judd, moved there in 1971. While there, he created a few museums specifically created to house all permanent collections of artists. It also is the home to the Marfa Lights (similar to the Gurdon Lights, my fellow Arkansans), which are unexplained natural lights seen in the distance past the town. Also, Giant (1956 movie) was filmed there, as well as both No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood.

Check out the Wikipedia article. And let's put this one on the to-visit list, shall we?