13 March 2010

Oh man. I wish I could go to Hot Springs.

So, this year's The First Ever Seventh Annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade on Bridge Street in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a very special parade.
IT'S SO SPECIAL that Bo Derek is the Parade Marshall. My bets were on Bob Saget, Steve Gutenberg, George Wendt (reprise) and a few others (will tell whenever I can remember), but BO DEREK! Wow, that's way cooler than I imagined. Well, she's joining a very special group of parade marshalls, including John Ratzenberger, Mike Rowe, Mario Lopez, Pauly Shore, and George Wendt.
Tell me how it goes, will ya?


Kaitlin said...

Extremely depressing: Website doesn't list "George Wendt," just "'Norm' from Cheers"

Jonathan the Zombie said...

I thought so, too.
That site has been the same since forever though. It said that before they put up pictures of the other parade marshalls after him.
Also, they could have said "Harold Gorton from the 1986 movie, House." I would have liked that more.