07 March 2010

The Forty Worst Rob Liefield Drawings

Not just for comic book nerds like myself, this website hilariously dissects the forty worst drawings by comic legend Rob Liefield, whose style defined the '90s.

Here's number 20, which is quite a hoot:
"Here’s a game to play: which one of those fingers is a thumb? Give up? So did Rob Liefeld!

The guy with the swords, as touched on before, is another of Rob’s creations, Shatterstar. His power is that he has swords and boxing headgear, and also that he has a star around one eye because Paul Stanley is totally a badass you guys.

Anyway, Shatterstar has all these swords all the time, and Rob Liefeld cannot grasp the basic concept of how the blade of a sword sits on the hilt. Or hey, maybe he just doesn’t give a shit. Here you see the blade kind of resting diagonally or almost perpendicular to the hilt, probably because he used a ruler to draw the blade and then was like “Hey I used a tool to make sure that line was straight, now kiss my ass, PHYSICS.”

In addition, either Reaper is tiny and Shatterstar is crouching down in to chop his hand off, or else he is jumping for no reason in such a way as to not gain any leverage or anything, just to be awkward.