10 March 2010

The Detroit Forest

As all fourteen (one) of you know, I am quite intrigued by the downfall of Detroit, Michigan. If you didn't know, Detroit has been coming slowly to its demise, due to economic collapse and the downfall of the automotive industry in the United States.
Well, the city is considering downsizing. The mostly vacant spots of Detroit, up to 1/4 of the city's area, would be turned into vegetable farms. The residents of these areas would be moved to "stronger neighborhoods," says the Washington Post article. People who used to come to work from the suburbs would be driving through the countryside, not the empty buildings of old car manufacturers, to get there.

Photo of the ugly/beautiful vacant Michigan Central Station, which I'm sure would be part of the Detroit Forest.


Kaitlin said...

Do you kind of feel like you need to move to Detroit before it was cool? I DEFINITELY feel that way, and I feel bad for not doing it.

Jonathan the Zombie said...

I didn't know it was cool to move to Detroit....wait
Yes I did. Don't say I didn't.