14 March 2010

Candy Slice and the Slicers

Two or so weeks ago, I posted a video of Fred Armisen doing his thing on SNL as an hommage to punk rock, but after watching the Eric Idle/Kate Bush episode on season four, Fred Armisen is retreading old territory (in a great new way, obviously). On this episode, Gilda Radner portrays a Patti Smith-like character named Candy Slice. I can not find the performance on YouTube, but it kicks ASS. Like, Gilda has a great voice and stage presence. Even if she is imitating Patti Smith (in 1978? SNL IS SO FUCKING AWESOME!), I would still buy the record.
This video is of Gilda performing "Gimme Mick" live as Candy Slice in '79, which is also hilarious and legitimately great.

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