15 February 2010

We Are the World for Haiti 2010

Mixed feelings, honestly.
1. First and foremost, you can say anything about Celine, but Mrs. Oldcanadianfucker really destroyed Cyndi Lauper's part, which was perfect to begin with.
2. Lionel Ritchie's orgasm face while he is lip-synching with said part is pretty incredible.
3. I like the Janet/Michael duet. I thought it was tasteful and both of them have great voices that mix well with eachother.
4. It's cool that they included rappers for a song which is completely sung in its original form.
5. Kanye's part is really well-written and powerful. I like the Katrina reference, especially since he could've reopened his "George Bush is a racist" can of worms regarding that, but clearly didn't give a shit. Good job, Kanye. Your heart is in the right place.
6. It's good that Barbara Streisand stopped being a bitch long enough to go sing a song for someone else's benefit for seven seconds.
1. First and foremost (again), not including any indie artists, especially since indie fans are probably the only people who knew this song in the first place, is unwise. There are lots of indie artists out there who have unique voices (Joanna Newsom, Wayne Coyne, Jeff Tweedy, Thom Yorke, Robin Pecknold, Sam Beam, Justin Vernon, Fever Ray, Neko Case, Zombie Jay Reatard) that wouldn't have oversung the song like it ended up being.
2. Why is it that Tony Bennett and Barbara Streisand the only "classic" artists represented here? I know Bruce and Stevie Wonder were on the first one, but why not even include them?
4. I don't like how the video starts with Justin Bieber [sp?] singing with Jennifer Hudson and the Pussycat Dolls chick backing him up. Isn't that kind of racist? MJ wouldn't have stood for that.
5. Jennifer Nettle from Sugarland. What is she doing with her face and her voice? Gimme some time to figure out who she's imitating, and, after vomiting, I will reveal that information to you.
6. This is a big one: Wyclef's faux accent and singing voice is not just annoying, it's offensive. Yeah, he lived in Haiti for the first thirteen years of his life, but he doesn't have an accent naturally anymore!
7. When was the last time Pink was relevant? Why does she have more than one solo?
8. Oh my god. Jamie Foxx, read this carefully and repeatedly: YOU ARE NOT FUCKING RAY CHARLES. HE IS DEAD. AND YOU ARE NOT HIM. Why is it even remotely acceptable to do an impression of him in the middle of a song which is intended to give aid to a people whose country was demolished and hundreds of thousands of whom died?

I'd like to hear your opinions, so don't hesitate to reply, unless you disagree.
But regardless of where you stand on the remake of the song, please don't hesitate in giving to this community. Ten bucks, c'mon!


Carlton (the Captain of the Ship) said...

enrique iglesias?

Kaitlin said...

am I wrong in thinking stevie wonder actually wrote the song?

before you answer that, I want you to know that a. I haven't watched the video and b. I will NEVER look this up despite having a search bar/key to all knowledge in the corner of my "internet browser."

Jonathan the Zombie said...

No, he definitely wrote part of the lyrics. But that was mostly MJ and Lionel. I think I am still completely neutral about it. I like it, but I hate it.

You should watch it. At least for CĂ©line.