21 January 2010

Ed Gein's House

I admit that perhaps I didn't know all I should have known about Ed Gein--serial killers, no matter when they lived, all blend together for me--but this Boing Boing post with pictures of Ed Gein's house is very neat.
So, in case you are like me and just didn't know, Ed Gein is the serial killer who inspired Hitchcock's Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and (I'm pretty sure) Silence of the Lambs. He was a bit of a creep, robbing graves and killing and mutilating shop owners and shit. The neighbors thought he was a nice guy because, when hunting season came around, Gein gave their children venison. That was really nice of him. EXCEPT HE HAD NEVER KILLED A DEER BEFORE!!!!!!
In any case, after he was taken away, the Life magazine photographer broke in and took pictures of the house. It was burned down soon thereafter. I guess if you can't get in a serial killer's mind (a la The Cell--by the way, wasn't that movie cool-looking? I think it could have been a lot better if Vincent DiNofrio [sp?] and Jennifer Lopez weren't in it and real actors who didn't suck were.), then his house is second best.
Here's the blog post.

And the Wikipedia article, which is more creepy than you could imagine.

PS, you can buy framed pictures of the house from Life if you click the picture/link from the Boing Boing post.

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