31 July 2009


The creator of my favorite album ever, Hounds of Love, celebrated her birthday yesterday, too. Arnold AND Kate? Oh boy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Birthday 7/30

As you all know, Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favorite all-time actor, appearing in all of the greatest movies ever, according to AFI. Happy birthday, Arnold!

Kieron Williamson, Six Year Old Watercolor Prodigy

This is a painting by Kieron Williamson, who is six years old. Holy shiut. More here.

29 July 2009

12 Amazingly Unique Mona Lisa Reproductions

This website contains several of the creative ways DaVinci's Mona Lisa has been reproduced. This one is made with Rubik's cubes.

18 July 2009

Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline

I've been pretty intrigued by the slew of reports coming out of Detroit about its decaying infrastructure. Journalists make it seem like Detroit's current economic status defines why it's in such a way--like they're just finding out that Detroit is a piece of shit. I think it's an interesting media phenomenon, but the actual reason I follow the story so closely has to do with my true infatuation with the derelicte. It's so hideous and beautiful at the same time. Time Magazine has done a really cool "photo essay" about it called "Detroit's Beautiful, Horrible Decline," and I think it's worth a looksie. Just follow the link.

Ron Asheton 7/17

In addition to my buddy, Shockerella's, bday, it's also Stooges bassist Ron Asheton's birthday. If you recall, earlier in the year, Ron died. But let's celebrate my favorite Stooge's bday instead of dwelling on our loss, shall we?

04 July 2009

What the fuck is going on, and why is it that every famous person I love is dying?

Steve McNair, my favorite quarterback for my favorite NFL team, the Tennessee Titans, who spent years on the team, was shot to death today.

Happy birthday, Poly Styrene!

Poly Styrene, singer of the punk group, X-Ray Spex, and admitted pose(u)r, became a year older today. Happy birthday, Poly Styrene! Have a super day!

7/1 was ALSO Fred Schneider's Bday!

It's a twofer! It must have been genius day in the world of Rock and Roll b/c Debbie Harry AND Fred Schneider celebrated their birthday on 7/1! Happy birthday, Fred! You were great in Little Rock. I'll love shack-shimmy in your honor.

7/1 was Debbie Harry's Birthday!

YAY Debbie Harry! Hope you had a great one!