31 March 2009

Jesus Pwn3d U

KISS at Voodoo Fest 2009!

Yes, you heard (read) right. The greatest band in the world is coming to Voodoo this year! WOOHOO!



I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to that crazy-ass mother fucker, Christopher Walken!

30 March 2009

Garfield Comic Creator

I have been notified of an online Garfield comic generator. It's really fun, but there are a very limited number of things to use, and you can't save the images, so you have to take screenshots, etc. etc. But it's totally worth it. My favorite thing is to make Garfield and co. absurdly use famous movie quotes. These are a few of my attempts.

28 March 2009

Arkansas Earrings

While researching King Christian's shrapnel earrings, I came across a blog that mentioned "Arkansas earrings," and I, being from Arkansas, had to check it out.
If you can't tell, the picture is of a boy from Arkansas named Cameron (who actually looks somewhat similar to myself as a youngster [I think it's the pseudo-bowlcut]) with salamanders (or possibly lizards) biting his ears.

Shrapnel Earrings of King Christian IV of Denmark

While watching Rick Steve's Europe on LPB, my newest television channel obsession, I watched as Rick discussed King of Denmark, Christian IV, and his role in a Danish war. The show narrated that the king was wounded in the war, and took the shrapnel from his eye (which had to be removed) and forehead and created earrings out of it. He gave the earrings to one of his mistresses.
I have just now decided that if ever I encounter a shrapnel problem, I shall do the same.

27 March 2009

"What Else Is There?" by Royskopp

What Else Is There? from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

The video is awesome and the song is awesome=winner.

Redneck and Single

Courtesy of Cajun Boy in the City:

Redneck and Single, a website designed for redneck dating.

I want to believe that Cajun Boy got this picture from the website, but I don't think he did.
Naturally, it caught my eye, and I had to visit.

EDIT: And it's surprisingly very progressive for a redneck dating site. There's an option for redneck men looking to meet redneck men and redneck women with redneck women! I fully endorse this website.

25 March 2009

Flannery O'Connor's Birthday

Flannery O'Connor would have turned 89 today. The Georgia-born writer of, from what I can tell, the best short story, "A Good Man Is Hard to Find," is a Southern Gothic writer. Deeply Catholic, O'Connor would publicly read the story and start laughing hysterically (despite the on-the-surface not funniness of its subject matter), which makes her crazy ass one of my favorite people ever. Happy Birthday, Ms. O'Connor!

Read "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" online, in honor of the late great. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

23 March 2009

Bear Pole Dance

"I just wanna know what that's all about"

So, here's the true story of what actually happened to me today:

A little background information: my friend, Brian, and I have a totally not-funny-at-all inside joke about spooning eachother. Because he came into town last week, spooning jokes were on in full force.
So, today, I am in class, and I am surprised to see that Brian is calling me! I declined the call and explained that I was in class. He then sent a text that said, "Call me." When I got out of class a few minutes later, I did as he wished and called what I thought was Brian. When he picked up, I noticed a pretty heavy ebonic accent, which, of course, I thought was a joke. I said, "hello?" and he did the same. He then proceeded to explain that he had received a text message last week about "no spooning tonight" and that he wanted to "know what that's all about." He asked me who I was, and I, in turn, said my full name, still thinking that this was Brian talking to me with a fake ebonic accent. I laughed nervously and asked who I was speaking to. He said his name was Calvin (I think), and I realized that it really wasn't Brian I was speaking to. Instead, I had to explain that his phone number used to be Brian's phone number, and I hung up.

I think, and I might be wrong, that FML applies here, does it not?

21 March 2009

Happy Corndog Day!

KLSU received a package that contained all sorts of badass shit from Jones soda, PBR, and Foster Farms that celebrates NATIONAL CORNDOG DAY!!!! And because I love corndogs so very much, you can bet your sweet ass I will be celebrating. I LOVE CORNDOGS!

19 March 2009

Happy Deathday, John Zachary DeLorean!

The inventor of unequivocally the coolest car of all time, Jay-Z DeLorean, died this day in 2005. I know his plans for the next DeLorean he drew on his cell wall were totally sweet.

Mike Rowe's Bday!

I almost forgot! It's "Dirty Jobs" host, general bad-ass, opera enthusiast, mannequin boobie-squeezer, and Hot Springs St. Patrick's Day parade marshall 2008, Mike Rowe's birthday! Continue the badassery and happy birthday!

18 March 2009

Iron Maiden Being Funny

When they were asked to do a playback performance on a German TV show in 1986, they responded by doing this instead.

Another reason why I hate Pope Benedict

"You can't resolve [Africa's HIV/AIDS problem] with the distribution of condoms... On the contrary, it increases the problem."
The pope said a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease, reports AOL News.

How many times does the Catholic Church have to be told they are scientifically and morally incorrect about issues before they stop stroking their leaders' egos and implement ideas that actually aid the world? Honestly, who is a worse representative for sex than the Pope? Answer: he's tied for last with this guy.

In a related story, I continue in my campaign for Oprah as the new Pope when this idiot dies. POPRAH '09!

Full story on the Pope here.

16 March 2009


Took an online quiz today, which I don't frequently do. It determined, through a set of answers I gave, what cities I should live in. Strangely enough, it gave me the results shown on the above map (red is top 5, blue is next 5, and so forth with green, purple, and orange):
1. Baltimore
2. Little Rock
3. Baton Rouge

Also Milwaukee, Providence, Hartford (CT), New Haven, Sheboygan, and Fayetteville (AR).
Lower on the list (of about 20), Alexandria (LA), Chicago, Boston, Shreveport (LA), and Portland.

What's sortof strange about this is
1. The amount of time I have spent in the top 3 cities--I've lived in two of them.
2. The number of Louisiana cities that aren't New Orleans.
3. The number of friend connections I have in a number of the rest (Portland, Chicago, New Haven, Fayetteville, and Boston--not to mention Alexandria and Shreveport).
4. I apparently FUCKING LOVE Wisconsin. JESUS!

Check it:

The Flaming Lips' Cover of Madonna's "Borderline"

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09 March 2009

National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian Peoples

I just saw that one of my FB friends was in this group.
It's called the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian Peoples, and maintains that "since there are organizations everywhere to help minorities, i feel that the majority should be given assistance too" and advocates a White Entertainment Television and White History Month.
Sounds sortof ludicrous, right? I've heard people make these sort of statements, but all of them are totally racist. Well it's not different here, either.
Several of its over 1000 members have wallpapered the group with confederate flags (including the tragic/hilarious pic posted above), made comments like "is it still coon season?" "white power," and this classic, "I love and will support this group forever! I'm trying to get a Euro pride movement started myself but this I think is more legidament," comment about how Obama will be assissinated (another thing said exclusively by racists), and have a legitimate discussion about why we aren't a "free white, Christian nation" because we celebrate MLK day.
Check it and try not to throw up.

04 March 2009

German Forklift Safety Video

It's long, and it takes a while to get good, but OH MY GOD. It's probably the best YouTube video I've seen in six months. Courtesy of Taylor G.

03 March 2009

Excessive Celebration Fail

I almost didn't post it, but I can't not. It's my new favorite fail. Wait til the end for the kicker.

Happy Birthday, Miranda Richardson!

My favorite actress, Miranda Richardson, who starred in Kate Bush's "The Line, The Cross and the Curve," "Sleepy Hollow," "Merlin," "Tom and Viv," and some of the Harry Potter movies, was born this day in 1958. Still beautiful at 51 years! And ever the marvelous talent! I love you, Miranda Richardson. Happy birthday!

02 March 2009

The Potty Dance

Music that makes you dumb

Some guy named Virgil Griffith devised a chart placing people's SAT scores in concordance with what they listed on Facebook as their favorite music.
You can find it here.

SPOILER: Lil Wayne is last y'all. Sorry.