02 October 2009

Great Story About Elvira

[Elvira, Mistress of the Dark]'s awesome! My friend was in her last movie and I got to meet her and share a Domino's pizza with her.
I then proceeded to geek all over her. I told her how much Movie Macabre meant to me when I was growing up and then listed several bits including the "Breather". I told her how I counted the moments up until the new TV Guide came out with the next treasure. Schizoid? Monstroid? Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks? I told her how I had her picture pinned up to my high school locker.
I think it all came out in one rushed nervous breath, like a 10-year-old recounting a movie he loved and saw the previous day ... a jumbled, rushed, excited blathering, pointless puke of words that just sort of could be summed up as "I love you, please like me."
She just smiled and said "And who knew you'd turn out gay?"



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Jes said...

I still to this day love the mistress of the dark! Did you know that 90% of her body is actually covered in scars from when she got burned at some point! Check out all of that self confidence!