30 August 2009

Up Is Down (1969)

A really fucking weird children's film with a cool political message.

28 August 2009

How one black man defeated the entire Klan

Unsettling Photos of the "Living" Dead

I stumbled across this website, which shows pictures of dead people posing in pictures as if they were alive. Scary scary.

16 August 2009


So, as of a few days ago, I am a resident of New Orleans! It feels so surreal, not as much to be in New Orleans for a long time, as having such a huge permanent change. On top of that, it's a huge change that I have been anticipating for so long! Danny and I are paying to housesit (what?) Uptown. It's been great so far. I met with a realtor, looked at homes, went grocery shopping, ate some Danny-original crawfish étouffé, visited many bars, and already found the Indian food buffet I am sure I will be frequenting weekly. Jonny got here yesterday, which was excellent. I am really glad he's here; it's certainly a nice thing to have the trio back together again. Anyway, for those interested in knowing, I'm here. Call me sometime, eh?

8/6, Andy Warhol's Birthday

My idol and possible preincarnate (?), Andy Warhol's, birthday was August 6. Happy belated, Andy!

01 August 2009

Visually Appealing High Voltage Generators in Istra, Russia

This website contains pictures of these strange-looking and experimental high voltage generators in Istra, Russia. Apparently no one knew what they were until after they were floating around the web for a while.