28 May 2009


So, I don't have the interwebs at my parents' house in Arkansas, so I've been up to very little online lately. And that also means that I missed out on birthday updates, but not to worry! I still posted. Since I left civilization, Miles, Bob, Wendy O., JP2, and Joey Ramone have had their birthdays, and I am celebrating them, tardy as they may be.
I graduated from LSU. That's nice. I am getting really sick of people asking me what I'm going to do, though. I get lots of condescending stares when I say I'm moving to New Orleans. And even more when I say that I don't have an exact game plan. So if you read this, DON'T ASK ME!
This Japanese horror movie called "House" is captivating me. I love everything about it.
I'm at camp. Perhaps the situation was accidental, but I'm happy to be here. My staff cabin (stabbin) is pretty sweet. I didn't know I would have a bathroom to myself! Yipee!
The B-52s were awesome. I had a whole posse there watching with me, so that made the experience a little more special. But I can't get hung up on that because...FLEETWOOD MAC IS COMING TO NEW ORLEANS ON JUNE 20! My favorite band ever is touring again. If the camp boss doesn't let me go, I may die. We'll see how that goes.


Jes said...

I was at the B-52's! Didn't see you!

Jonathan the Zombie said...

Oh no! I was up front. I wish I had seen you! I ended up spending all my time with the fam this short break, except for the B-52s, sadly. How did you like the show?

Jes said...

I LOVED the show! It was damn awesome, I've always had a special spot in my heart for them. And I got so excited when they played quiche lorraine and rock lobster of course. I was in the first row of seats by the bar! I can't beleive we missed each other!