09 March 2009

National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian Peoples

I just saw that one of my FB friends was in this group.
It's called the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian Peoples, and maintains that "since there are organizations everywhere to help minorities, i feel that the majority should be given assistance too" and advocates a White Entertainment Television and White History Month.
Sounds sortof ludicrous, right? I've heard people make these sort of statements, but all of them are totally racist. Well it's not different here, either.
Several of its over 1000 members have wallpapered the group with confederate flags (including the tragic/hilarious pic posted above), made comments like "is it still coon season?" "white power," and this classic, "I love and will support this group forever! I'm trying to get a Euro pride movement started myself but this I think is more legidament," comment about how Obama will be assissinated (another thing said exclusively by racists), and have a legitimate discussion about why we aren't a "free white, Christian nation" because we celebrate MLK day.
Check it and try not to throw up.

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