23 March 2009

"I just wanna know what that's all about"

So, here's the true story of what actually happened to me today:

A little background information: my friend, Brian, and I have a totally not-funny-at-all inside joke about spooning eachother. Because he came into town last week, spooning jokes were on in full force.
So, today, I am in class, and I am surprised to see that Brian is calling me! I declined the call and explained that I was in class. He then sent a text that said, "Call me." When I got out of class a few minutes later, I did as he wished and called what I thought was Brian. When he picked up, I noticed a pretty heavy ebonic accent, which, of course, I thought was a joke. I said, "hello?" and he did the same. He then proceeded to explain that he had received a text message last week about "no spooning tonight" and that he wanted to "know what that's all about." He asked me who I was, and I, in turn, said my full name, still thinking that this was Brian talking to me with a fake ebonic accent. I laughed nervously and asked who I was speaking to. He said his name was Calvin (I think), and I realized that it really wasn't Brian I was speaking to. Instead, I had to explain that his phone number used to be Brian's phone number, and I hung up.

I think, and I might be wrong, that FML applies here, does it not?

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