16 March 2009


Took an online quiz today, which I don't frequently do. It determined, through a set of answers I gave, what cities I should live in. Strangely enough, it gave me the results shown on the above map (red is top 5, blue is next 5, and so forth with green, purple, and orange):
1. Baltimore
2. Little Rock
3. Baton Rouge

Also Milwaukee, Providence, Hartford (CT), New Haven, Sheboygan, and Fayetteville (AR).
Lower on the list (of about 20), Alexandria (LA), Chicago, Boston, Shreveport (LA), and Portland.

What's sortof strange about this is
1. The amount of time I have spent in the top 3 cities--I've lived in two of them.
2. The number of Louisiana cities that aren't New Orleans.
3. The number of friend connections I have in a number of the rest (Portland, Chicago, New Haven, Fayetteville, and Boston--not to mention Alexandria and Shreveport).
4. I apparently FUCKING LOVE Wisconsin. JESUS!

Check it:

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