18 February 2009

Happy Birthday, Toni Morrison/Miss you, Dale Earnhardt

It's Toni Morrison's 78th birthday today! Morrison wrote two of the greatest books of all time, Sula and Beloved. Toni Morrison is my favorite author, and I give her my love on her special day.

But no good news comes without bad news. This date is the date that Dale Earnhardt (may the lord bless his [own] name) died in a tragic racing accident. He gave many-a-confederate intense amounts of joy; therefore, the great mustache on divinity personified will not go uninscribed in the book of life. And so I say from the top of my number 3 decal to the soles of my shoes, may his Son continue to carry on in his holy racing legacy. In the name of the father, son, and the holy Dale, he shall be missed. Amen. Rest in threace, Intimidator.
Harry Caray died this day, too. This is my Tishb'Av.

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