26 February 2009


I just got back from Chicago, and lordie, it was fun!
While there, I ate a whole bunch, went to a vintage clothing store (bought a $3 cardigan), went to a record shop (bought an original of X's "More Fun in the New World" for $6), went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, saw bluetiful Lake Michigan, went to a bar with a bazillion beers on tap (none of them good), went to a blues bar, saw the giant mirror bean downtown, made a snowman (and aborted it) (did I mention it SNOWED ON MY BDAY! YAY!), ate the world's best chocolate (yeah right), made a giant batch of soup, saw Tim Meadows' stand-up (AND MET HIM!), and Jesus I'm forgetting a big event, but OMGSOFUN!
I loved seeing Erich, Edmond, and Kristen in Chicago. I'll prolly do it again.