01 December 2008


Just got back from Thanksgiving Break. And of course, I'm immediately depressed. I have so much shit to do in the next two weeks. SCHOOL IS RAMMING ITS GIANT COCK DOWN MY THROAT, and I haven't even been there since Tuesday!
On the upside, my entire extended family on my dad's side (living in the same town) got together for the first Thanksgiving since around the year 2000. It was nice, mostly because my Uncle Jack and Aunt Debbie now live where all the rest of my family lives, and they are so excited to get involved in family stuff.
After Thanksgiving Uncle Jack's cat ran away, and he was incredibly sad about it. Ironically, it was on our back porch today. I know we only live a few houses down, but since I live on 30 acres, why would the cat just show up at our house?! In any case, I'm happy that he got his cat back.
I'm starting to make a mix tape for my LSU buddies who I am leaving in the Spring, probably for good. I might make it 2 discs, but I haven't decided yet. Is that too much music?
Don't watch the movie, "I Shot Andy Warhol." It's horrible. DO watch the Ovation TV documentary "Andy Warhol's Factory People." It is super interesting if you like that sort of thing.
It was snowing when I left, which pisses me off because, as all my friends know, I HATE Louisiana weather and I LOVE snow. It wasn't sticking to the ground or anything, but it's just so pretty. Why couldn't I just stay home and enjoy the snow? If I miss snow sticking to the ground AGAIN this year, I'm going to be so incredibly pissed off; to be honest, I may blow up wherever God lives--I haven't decided yet. I told Shivers that if it snows en masse in Arkansas, we're going to play in it. I hope it happens. Apparently people from southern Louisiana my age have only seen snow ONCE! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!
If it's not cold tomorrow, I'm killing myself.

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