23 November 2008

White Light Night

So I went out Friday. I was pretty stoked about this happening in MidCity (where I live, yo!) called White Light Night. So, I was somewhat disappointed when Shivers and I were walking around staring at all these fucking yuppies everywhere, which I should have predicted, as all the references to wine and cheese were basically begging me to see it coming. HOWEVER, it turned out pretty damned cool.
After we walked around and got stared at by the yuppies for eating all their free food and drinking all their shitty wine, we drove on down to the Bible and Book Center. Hilarious. I went in expecting the most crazy shit, and oh my lord. Probably the most offensive/hilarious thing was this picture of Jesus with this kid on his lap and some other kids all around him: two African kids, a Chinese kid, an Indian kid, and guess which kid Jesus is tickling on his lap? The aryan. The other kids looked sortof sad but the white kid and Italian Jesus were laughing it the fuck up. I thought that was hilarious. In addition, there was a greeting card that said, "Missed you at church" which depicted a man on a desert island. WHO WOULD SEND A CARD LIKE THAT?!?! Whatever the case, I'm glad it exists. There were also multiple books about Sarah Palin and fucking Mike Huckabee (puke), none by Democrats, though. YES! PS, we were totally glared at by all dem Christians too. I ate their oatmeal cookies too.
THEN we went to the Purple Monkey, a few blocks down from my house. Everyone was there. Like EVERYONE. It was so nice to see people my age at this gathering, after all that yuppie glory. We stayed there for a little bit. Saw Angel, Speedo, Tim, Denee, Stephanie, etc. Then the impossible happened: the drains on the floor started to overflow and fucking ROACHES started crawling out. It was fucking putrid. I took that as my key to leave.
Shivers and I met up with everyone at Red Star, at which Otto was DJing. Things got crowded, and I was definitely glad to see Krish and Chela. Emily and Mr. Fabulous were there, too, which was so nice. I hadn't seen her out for a while. Then Otto pulled this funky soul shit out of his ass, and we all just danced up a storm. It was more crowded than your mom's vagina on Orgy Thursday, but Jesus Christ Allmighty: he played A Tribe Called Quest, early Michael Jackson, and King Floyd. And that's all it took for me to get buckwild. It was literally too much fun. Literally. Like my life is now falling to pieces because I know that nothing I will ever do will be quite as fun as that night.

And yes I did just write a cyber-your mom joke.

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