13 November 2008


So, I've been waiting for this album/movie by the Flaming Lips called "Christmas on Mars" for several years--5 at least--and IT'S FINALLY HERE! I went to Best Buy today and picked that shit UP!
I am currently listening to the soundtrack, but haven't yet seen the movie. I'm waiting for someone to watch it excitedly with me--probably Shivers, maybe Randy, and potentially a combination of the two; not to mention that I have school tomorrow. HOLY SHIT I AM SO EXCITED!
I can't wait too much longer; if it doesn't happen tomorrow, I will probably be a loser and watch it by myself. BUT OH MY GOD! I finally have it!
Oh my sweet fucking baby Jesus.

This comes from Wayne Coyne's liner notes. I'm not sure exactly what it has to do with the movie, but OMG it's so good:

"Obsessed with the Dark and Magic":
It was always night when me and my brothers would go to these cold, empty warehouses with our dad. We would always walk through endless dark hallways and enter giant, desolate rooms dimly lit by only a single light hanging on an extension cord from the ceiling. Our dad would set up a couple of blinding work lights in the corner and go at refinishing the woodwork on some expensive desk that had been damaged. While he worked, me and my brothers would try to explore the scary, abandoned building. I say "try" because our dad would yell at us if we strayed too far...and for good reason. I later discovered some of the elevator shafts had no doors or railings (that would prevent someone from falling dwon them) and there were rats everywhere, nibbling on the leftover remains from an old cinnamon candy assembly line factory on the sixth floor. But the fear and the mystery were too fascinating and we found ourselves using these warehouses to play out imaginary scenarios as we fumbled through what would once be a dungeon in a haunted castle and another time an insane asylum....and I clearly remember us playing as if we were in a space station on another planet. The concrete structure made every sound a giant moan of reverberation. The atmosphere was lonely and bleak and death seemed possible...but so did magic...I was happy.

It was SO worth the wait.

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Jen Pearce said...

i'm not watching it unless wutang is in it.